Mediation: The Advantages of Mediation

So, you have found yourself in a dispute. You may have already been served with Court documents and engaged a lawyer. The litigation process has begun. This can be an expensive, timely and stressful exercise. While litigation is a necessary process for some disputes, it is not the only way to resolve your dispute.

Mediation is a process in which an independent and neutral person (the mediator) assists parties to resolve their dispute. Mediation is a quicker and easier way to resolve your dispute in contrast to commencing legal action and proceeding to Court. There are a number of benefits in choosing mediation to resolve your disputes, including:

  • Less expensive than Court: Mediation can be a cost effective method of resolving your dispute;
  • Timely resolution : Your dispute can be resolved in a timely manner through mediation, in contrast to litigation which can be a protracted and lengthy process.
  • Confidentiality: Mediation is a confidential process, except when disclosure is required by legislation or under Court order;
  • Control of the outcome: Mediation will focus on disputing parties reaching a solution and offers the disputing parties control over the outcome. This is in contrast with a Judgement handed down by the Court;
  • Less formality: Mediation is not as formal as attending a Court or Tribunal;
  • Self determination and empowerment: Disputing parties determine their own solution and are more likely to take responsibility for their decisions.

While mediation is one of the steps in the litigation process, mediation can occur before commencing legal proceedings, and even at the onset of a dispute arising.

Our Principal, Leigh Avuri is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Leigh is available to mediate disputes and can assist parties to resolve the following:

  • Workplace conflict;
  • Workplace bullying or harrassment;
  • Estates or elder disputes;
  • Family disputes including property, parenting and extended family disputes;
  • Commercial or corporate disputes;
  • Property and neighbourhood disputes;
  • Community disputes.

If you are involved in a dispute and would like further information regarding mediation, please contact our Principal, Leigh Avuri on 0402 912 962 or by email: