Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner helps parents

Sometimes relationships just do not work. Once separated or divorced, it may be difficult to discuss issues with your ex and resolve any disputes which may arise between you both. Even though you are no longer a couple, you still have to make important decisions in regard to disbursement of property and the parenting of your children.

Mediation (or Family Dispute Resolution) is a practical, cost effective and timely method of resolving disputes between parents, ex-partners or other family members such as Grandparents. In a nutshell, family dispute resolution is mediation for disputing family members (i.e. parents) to assist in resolving their disputes. A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner mediates family disputes. The Family Law system encourages parents to resolve their disputes regarding children without having to go to Court.

Family Dispute Resolution can assist parents to resolve disputes including:

  • Who will the children live with?
  • When will the children spend time with the other parent?
  • When will the children spend time with each parent on holidays, birthdays and special family events?
  • How will we, as parents, continue to make important decisions regarding our children, e.g. education, religion, sporting activities?
  • How will we, as parents, communicate with each other regarding our children’s health, school activities, educational outcomes?

Family Dispute Resolution is compulsory for parents wanting to apply to a Family Law Court for a parenting order or seeking to change an existing parenting order, unless their situation meets one of the exceptions outlined in the Family Law Act (Cth) 1975. Before filing an application regarding a parenting order, the parents must have attended Family Dispute Resolution and made a genuine effort to resolve their disputes.

Avuri Lawyers’ Principal, Leigh Avuri is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department. As a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Leigh can issue Section 60I Certificates, which are required before filing an application in a Family Law Court seeking a parenting order or to amend an existing parenting order.

If you are experiencing a family dispute, please contact Leigh Avuri, Principal of Avuri Lawyers on 0402 912 962 or by email: